There are no strangers in the Blue Knights, only friends you haven't met



There are no strangers in the Blue Knights, only friends you haven't met

President - Mat

Our current Prez, Matt joined the chapter as a serving member of Essex Police where he is a serving traffic officer. After Matt joined the chapter he quickly showed his ability and became the Prez. Now a lot of Matt’s time is taken up in his new role as within the UK & Ireland Conference team, looking after the interests of all the countries chapters.

Vice President - Danny Barber

Although I have been a petrol head my whole life I stayed away from bikes until forced to get a 125cc for the commute to work. 9 months later, passed my test had a ‘real bike’ and was a member of the Knights. Riding my cruiser and England 7 has been a great way for me to unwind from life’s stresses and enjoy the company of like minded friends across the globe.

Secretary - Ivor

"I entered the biking world in 2009 when I did my CBT purely so that I could use a cheap means of transport to commute to work. Little did I know how addictive I would find Riding and eventually  I passed my full test a couple of years later. I joined the Blue knights in 2014 after hearing about it through colleagues. The motto " There are no strangers in the Blue knights, only friends you haven't met" couldn't be more true.  You just can't beat riding with like minded people and finding new places to explore. "

Treasurer - Chris

Webmaster - Neil


One of the only non-serving members of England VII, Neil was voted in as an honorary member after helping and assisting in the clubs' merchandise, running and resources.

He now takes over the running of the website and social media pages for the chapter in between riding his motorcycle and playing his many guitars !

Director - Tracey


The one and only Tracey, known by fellow Knights all over the world was a member before England 7 existed and remains an original member. As the former VP she is a great source of knowledge and always in the middle of party but only kept in the chapter for her cake making skills. Tracey remains one of the best ears to bend should you need a vent or advice.

Director - Paul Barber


Paul served Essex Police for 27 years as a Constable, finished his career on Traffic and continues to serve as a Civilian investigator. He has been riding most of his adult life but fell back in love with life on 2 wheels after retirement. Paul can usually be found  spending time with his family, drink a beer or with his gleaming white Victory.

Director - Dave Griffiths

Past President - Phillip

Phil served a little over 30 years with Essex Police retiring from the Police service in late 2006 having, the bulk of his service, 20 years, was as a Traffic Patrol Officer serving at various Traffic Units within the EPD, Phil has advanced qualifications on both cars and motorcycles and was an active member of the forces commitment to Bike Safe (formally Responsible Rider) between 2000 & 2006.

A Blue Knight since the mid 90's, Phil became a member at large in 2007. During 2010 at a secret location in the Yorkshire Dales, Phil, Simon (our immediate past President) and a few like-minded individuals proposed the starting of a new BK Chapter over a glass or two of Malt Whisky, England VII was reborn in late 2011. Phil was elected President when Simon stood down in 2013.

Phil has been riding motorcycles since he was 16 and claims to have owned and ridden at least one motorcycle continually ever since then, he currently enjoys a small stable of motorcycles which include a Triumph Street Twin and a number of classics.

Other interests include Malt Whisky, photography and scuba diving (handy for riding in Yorkshire or North of the border).

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