There are no strangers in the Blue Knights, only friends you haven't met



There are no strangers in the Blue Knights, only friends you haven't met

The Blue Knights® International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, is a non-profit fraternal organisation consisting of active and retired law enforcement officers who enjoy riding motorcycles. In the Spring of 1974, several law enforcement officers* from the Bangor, Maine (USA) area met and formed a small, local motorcycle club. 


Soon, Blue Knight chapters were being formed in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and beyond. With the addition of Canada, and later Australia, the Blue Knights became an international organisation

Our charitable organisation has contributed over $18.2 million dollars toward various charities throughout the world since statistics were kept.

Our organisation is comprised of 18,800+ active, and retired law enforcement officers and we strive to promote our organisation as being a family fraternity. Spouses and children often accompany our members to the various rides and functions.

Members can ride a bike of their choosing, and are not mandated to riding an American made motorcycle (ie. Harley Davidson).

We do not have a probationary period for members, or prospects, and women are equal in our organisation not only as members, but in leadership positions locally and internationally within the Blue Knights.

Our Pledge

"As a Blue Knight, I pledge to act with honour and pride to promote motorcycling and motorcycle safety by being an example of the safe use, operation and enjoyment of motorcycles. I will work at all times to improve the relationship between the motorcycling law enforcement community and the general public. The fraternal spirit will always guide me in relating to other Blue Knights."


According to the By-Laws, our purposes and goals are to: 

  1. Provide for the mutual assistance, enjoyment, entertainment, education, physical, mental and social benefit of its members and the general public.

  2. To promote and advance the sport of motorcycling and the safety of motorcycling.

  3. To serve the interests of motorcycle owners and users.

  4. To promote by example and any other acceptable means, safe use, operation and enjoyment of motorcycles.

  5. To develop a fraternal spirit between law enforcement personnel and the general public.


Benefits of Knighthood

It is difficult stating what makes the Blue Knights® so special. Perhaps the following will help explain the kinds of feelings that flow when a bunch of motorcycle-riding police officers get together.

Knighthood is:

  • Enjoying the company of different people who share not only the common bond of a career in law enforcement, but also a love of motorcycles.

  • Being able to visit your friends in any of our member countries and be treated like family.

  • Receiving get-well cards from people you've never met. (There are no strangers in the Blue Knights, only friends you haven't met.)

  • Riding with the Ladies of the Knights and Little Knights who give that added family touch.

  • Going to handicapped children's camps, giving the kids rides and seeing the smiles on their faces.

  • Various fund-raising activities for those less fortunate.


Being a Blue Knight is all this and much, much more.

The Blue Knights is a family fraternity. Spouses and children often accompany our members to the various rides and functions. When travelling, local members can provide assistance, directions and sometimes a place to stay. We are truly a family.










England VII

England VII (7) is the local chapter covering the areas of Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and the East of Hertfordshire . We are bordered by Chapters England II (2) and England X (10) covering the surrounding regions. You are welcome to join us despite where you might live and we are keen to meet people from across the country.

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